Louis Kahn: Conversations with Students 1969

Louis Kahn Out of the wall grew the column p. 16-17

In the realm of the incredible stands
the marvel of the emergence of the column.
Out of the wall grew the column.
The wall did well of man.
In its thickness and its strength
It protected him against destruction.
But soon, the will to look out
Made man make a hole in the wall,
And the wall was very pained, and said,
‘- What are you doing to me?
I protected you; I made you feel secure-
and now you put a hole through me!’
And man said, ‘- But will look out!
I see wonderful things,
and I want to look out.’
And the wall still felt very sad.
Later, man didn’t just hack a hole through the wall,
But made a discerning opening,
One trimmed with fine stone,
And he put a lintel over the opening.
And, soon, the wall felt pretty well.
The order of making the wall brought about
an order of wall making which included the opening.
Then came the column,
which was an automatic kind of order,
making that which was opening,
and that which was not opening.
A rhythm of openings was then decided by the wall itself,
Which was then no longer a wall,
But a series of columns and openings.
Such realizations come out of nothing in nature.
They come out of a mysterious kind of sense
That man has to express those wonders of the soul
Which demand expression.

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