78 Hours

1st prize winner of Henning Larsen Foundation’s international film competition on architecture and film.

Cole Phoenix Skaggs on his film: “This film attempts to capture one time cycle of the space as its transient occupants whirl through their lives. It silently holds firm a space of memories, atmospheres and emotions played out within its vessels. Time choreographs the space and Chopin’s Waltz No. 7 conducts the film. “Waltz” comes from the German word Waltzen, meaning to turn or revolve. A view from within offers only glimpses of what lies beyond as we move about and time passes firmly, leaving behind scenes of defeat, work and rest”.

by Cole Skaggs, Ithaca, New York
Location: Milstein Hall, Cornell Univsersity School of Architecture
Music: Chopin Waltz No. 7 In C Sharp Minor


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