ТЕЗ 16- FWC Bologna YAC


Project name:
Teams: Batzorig.B; Badrakh.B
Organizer: Young Architects Competitions

Food and wellness club is for relaxing. Most relaxing thing is nature itself. Feeling the sun and air, sounds of the birds and water, whisper of the wind through the trees, fresh and organic nutrition. FWC is place that people can meet the nature, comfort and technology. It’s the new generation of wellness center which bring nature and technology together.

It consists of different size of blocks that has its own characteristics which depends on its function. These blocks constitute the general form of the building. All blocks look inside courtyard where the aqua zone exists. Dynamically placed blocks create unique and interesting spaces that never repeat. It also creates visual connection between old bologna castles and also natural form of rocks with its green areas and waterfall as well.

The FWC can work year around. In winters the main open air pool closes and the other inside zones operates.

Buss services from Bologna and FICO operates all day.

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ТЕЗ-18 бол сонин портфель юм. Энэ нь бидний 3 жилийг багцалсан xураангуйласан тайлан юм. Үүгээрээ бид өөрсдийн товч биографи болон дизайн философи дээрээ тулгуурласан тезүүдийг таны шүүгээнд, мөн номын санд тань xавтаст арxив доторx үнэтэй гялгар картон цаасан дээр xэвлэгдсэн зардал иxтэй танилцуулга байxыг зорьсонгүй. Бидний портфель таны эргэн тойронд санаанд оромгүй орон зайд байxаар төлөвлөгдсөн бөгөөд бидний энгийн амьдралаас аажмаар мартагдаж буй шинэxэн цаасны үнэр нь мартагдашгүй xямд xэвлэлтэй байxаас гадна бидний xэлж сурснаар бол СОНИН юм. Цаxим мэдээллийн ертөнц xурдтай xөгжиxын зэрэгцээ теxник теxнологи маш xурдтай дэвшиж байна. Xүн төрлөxтөний тэн xагас нь телевизор, цаxим мэдээ, цаxим сэтгүүл зэрэг уxаалаг утасны аппликэйшний тусламжтайгаар мэдээллээ олж авч байгаа ч нөгөө талаараа xэтэрxий теxникчиж үндсэн мөн чанараа алдаж байгааг даxин сэргээx зорилгоор уг тезын гол утга оршино.

Xэмжээ: 297ммx420мм
Материал: Recycle paper

AWR COMPETITION: The 690 CHELSEA- City farm & Resident- (Thez15)

The 690 CHELSEA- City farm & Resident- (Thez15) ©2015AAtelier


Project name: The 690 CHELSEA- City farm & Resident- (Thez15)
Teams: Batzorig.B; Badrakh.B; Sumiya.O; Jargalbold.A;


Vertical farm and resident
As we know, the vertical farm is the potential solution of food problems that we may face tomorrow. We have all the technologies required to make vertical farm a reality today.
With respect to architectural planning, the vertical farm design depends on more universal factors such as technology and natural resources like sun and wind. There is another aspect that is important: residents, who depend on local factors such as social, cultural, and lifestyle factors. The purpose of this project is to tackle both of these aspects.

New York
Even though it is one of the youngest cities in the world, New York, one of the largest cities in the world, has experienced many changes and challenges.
Originally, it was established as a settlement when the Dutch arrived to Manna-Hata island inhabited by the Algonquin tribe to establish New Amsterdam. After a war between the Dutch and the English, its name was changed to New York. It was an important strategic base during the American War of Independence. Between 1783 and 1790, New York was the capital city of the US and during this time, it grew into the largest city in the US.
1811 Commissioner’s plan was the basis of the city planning of modern-day New York. The railway and metro system established afterwards was another important development that pushed the city to a new level.
It is important to note that it was the setting for most innovations and experiments related to urban development. As a result, New York has the potential to be the setting of the first vertical farm. Continue reading →

Call for Ideas: Food & Wellness Club 2015- YAC

Call for Ideas: Food & Wellness Club

 (YAC) is launching an open architectural competition to design a Food & Wellness Club for the upcoming F.I.CO.® (Fabbrica Italiana Contadina) theme park in Bologna. In 2016, F.I.CO. will become the world’s  biggest theme park dedicated to food farming and food culture, with nine million tourists expected to visit this structure each year. Such a project will trigger a redevelopment of the surrounding area in order to provide visitors with services. The Food & Wellness Club aims to offer a wellness area for those visitors willing to discover both nutrition and body care, offering comfort and care in a multi-sensory and exclusive space. The question of the competition becomes: how to create an architectural space that combines the elements of food, relaxation, wellness and seasonality?


The Food & Wellness Club will not be a simple spinoff of F.I.CO.®,  aiming instead to rely on a specific identity. The owner wants to blend wellness and advanced technologies. The architecture should blend food farming with architecture and health. Destinations and areas are provided in the guidelines.


  • 1st  prize 8’000 €
  • 2nd  prize 4’000 €
  • 3rd prize 2’000 €
  • 2  x  Honorable mentions “GOLD” 500 €
  • 10 x Honorable mentions



  • Single / Team of Architects, Engineers, Designers, Students.
  • It is compulsory to have 1 under 35 person per team / single.


  • 09 MAR 2015 “EARLY BIRD” discounted registrations opening
  • 30 MAR 2015 “STANDARD” registrations opening
  • 21 APR 2015 “LATE” registrations opening
  • 12 MAY 2015 REGISTRATION deadline
  • 25 MAY 2015 SUBMISSION deadline