ТЕЗ 16- FWC Bologna YAC


Project name:
Teams: Batzorig.B; Badrakh.B
Organizer: Young Architects Competitions

Food and wellness club is for relaxing. Most relaxing thing is nature itself. Feeling the sun and air, sounds of the birds and water, whisper of the wind through the trees, fresh and organic nutrition. FWC is place that people can meet the nature, comfort and technology. It’s the new generation of wellness center which bring nature and technology together.

It consists of different size of blocks that has its own characteristics which depends on its function. These blocks constitute the general form of the building. All blocks look inside courtyard where the aqua zone exists. Dynamically placed blocks create unique and interesting spaces that never repeat. It also creates visual connection between old bologna castles and also natural form of rocks with its green areas and waterfall as well.

The FWC can work year around. In winters the main open air pool closes and the other inside zones operates.

Buss services from Bologna and FICO operates all day.

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